What is Vircara

Just what we need right, another social network?  Well, we think yes!  This is not a network where you can connect with your friends, Facebook will do that for you.  It’s not a network for professionals to connect with other professionals, we have LinkedIn for that.  We are also not looking to attract celebrities to […]

Career Corner: Blogger

So you want to be a full time blogger? Well, don’t expect to make a full time income off of advertising revenue. I should know, I’ve been playing around with this blogging thing for years now, and it’s isn’t easy. Most people thing blogging is some easy profession. Sit back in your comfy chair at […]

Career Corner: Hockey Coach

First up in the series – so you want to be a hockey coach huh? Let’s be real, not just anyone is going to come in off the street and take up coaching hockey as a career. While this sounds like it could be a fun job if you have a background in hockey, you’re […]

Career Corner Series

I thought it would be fun to start a new series that identifies some different career types that may not be an obvious choice. I’m going to call this Career Corner. These posts will give a little background on this career topic, what educational background you would typically need, the type of work you would […]

Square College Code Camp

From time to time, I’d like to write about some of the great mentoring programs that I stumble across while browsing the web. The Square College Code Camp happens to be one such mentoring program that I recently became aware of. Square College Code Camp First, a little about the Square College Code Camp. There are […]

How To Get Promoted

When it comes to corporate America, the onus often falls on the employee to market themselves, so that others in the organization will take notice. As someone who has been on both sides of the equation (doing the evaluation and being evaluated), I wanted to offer up some thoughts on the steps you can take […]

Choosing A Career

As a student, whether it be high-school or college, you are expected to make a career choice.  The choice you make as a young adult will impact you for the rest of your life – hopefully.  That’s why it’s important for you to understand and fully appreciate the work required, or what is involved in […]

Student Mentoring

Are you ready for a Student Mentoring Program? So you want to get involved in a student mentoring program?  First let’s find out if you are ready to take on this task. Are you willing to share the knowledge and experience about your current profession? Would you like to improve your coaching and leadership skills […]

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

If I Knew Then What I Know Now If you were to ask yourself, If I knew then what I know now, do you think you would choose the same profession? Knowing what you know about your current job, if you could go back in time, would you choose the same profession again?  I’m guessing a good […]