Vircara Features

Here’s some quick insight on the features you can expect to find in our Virtual Career Network:

Detailed User Profile

Both students and professionals can update their profile to let others know a little about themselves. We have specific information related to your location, education background, and for professionals what line of work they are in.

Status Updates

Everyone can post updates on the site about anything on their mind. However we’d like to keep this focused on career networking. The idea is for professionals to post things related to their current job, to give students a little bit of an idea on what they do on a daily basis.


Feel free to connect with others on the site. This will allow you to see the status updates that the professional’s you are following are posting. It’s an easy way for a student to see everything in one place.


Have a specific question you want to ask another professional, we have you covered. Your question can be either public or private.


Be notified if someone mentions you in a status update, forum, group, or sends you a public or private message. You’ll have the ability to respond to them right from that notification. You can mention anyone one from anywhere by simply preceding their user name with that @ sign.


We have set up a number of professional groups that you can subscribe to. Think of this as a collection of students and professionals (within a specific profession) that can all network together. Don’t see a group related to the profession you are interested in, just ask and we’ll get a new group set up for you as soon as possible.


Last but not least. if you have any questions regarding the site, or related to career networking, we have a number of forums for you to post your questions to.